Thursday, March 13, 2008

Affero General Public License Approved by OSI

The Affero General Public License ("AGPL") has been approved by the OSI. The AGPL is an important option for companies whose software can be used to provide a service. It includes a "network use" provision which requires that the source code be made available to "users" of the service. For a more information about the AGPL, you can read my earlier post.

Thanks to Funambol for submitting the license to the OSI and following up. OSI approval is important for adoption in many large organizations which use OSI approval as a basis to approve the use of software distributed under such a license. I am particularly pleased that OSI adopted AGPL because Fabrizio Capobianco at Funambol and I have a bet about whether GPLv3 or AGPL will be the dominant license in five years. He can no longer complain that it is not a level playing field! So consider AGPL, but remember I have money riding on your adoption of GPLv3.