Tuesday, May 27, 2008

2008 Open Source Think Tank: The Future of Open Source

Olliance Group, the leading consulting firm for open source companies, has published the Summary Report from the 2008 Open Source Think Tank in Febuary of this year. http://thinktank.olliancegroup.com/images/stories/2008%20think%20tank%20summary%20report.pdf. The Think Tank is sponsored by Olliance Group and DLA Piper and is an opportunity for 120 leading members of the open source community to come together and discuss the future of open source software. The attendees include CEOs of Open Source Software companies, CIOs of large companies, venture capitalists, attorneys and other luminaries.

The Summary Report focuses on three major themes:

1. Open source software companies are recognized as a viable strategy for building a software business. The past skepticism has been washed away by the increase in venture capital financing for open source companies http://lawandlifesiliconvalley.blogspot.com/2008/04/venture-capital-investments-in-open.html and the significant acquisitions of open source companies last year, including the acquisition of Zimbra by Yahoo and MySQL by Sun Microsystems, Inc.

2. Open source software vendors have matured sufficiently so that client expectations are that open source vendors should maintain the same standards as traditional commercial software vendors. Open source vendors, like commercial software vendors, must ensure that they address the entire product lifecycle, from support and maintenance to integration and work with third party products.

3. Open source software vendors need to mature and deal with the confusion and, sometimes fear, about the the risk of using open source software. The attendees expressed concern about the dichotomy between the ubiquity of open source software and the lack of recognition of companies of such widespread use.

Please read the Summary Report and we hope to see you next year at the 2009 Think Tank.